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Intrepid 2009.

Starship Intrepid Productions have a busy year ahead in 2009 with three episodes in various stages of production, two at the script stage and another two at the treatment stage. Some of these are a way off yet but if plans come together, there will be more Intrepid on your screens in 2009.

Please note that release dates and running time are for guidance only and all details are subject to change without notice.

Transitions and Lamentations

Transitions and Lamentations, Intrepid Bridge, Chiron IV.

Filmed during 2007, including a location shoot attended by 20 cast and crew, this episode was written by Nick Cook and directed by Steve Hammond.

Synopsis : The discovery of the remains of an ancient settlement on Chiron IV leads the away team into serious danger and Commander Navar must decide where his loyalty truly lies.

As can be seen above, post production is well underway, the time code being used to sync the sound effects and music.

Status : Post Production
Running time : 28 mins
Release Date : First half of 2009


Machinations, Chiron Station.

This short episode, written by Nick Cook and directed by Steve Hammond has been on a backburner for a while as work progressed on “Where There’s a Sea” and “Turning Point” with some time out for “Orphans of War” and “Operation: Beta Shield” (Hidden Frontier Productions). Filmed during 2007, it’s a direct follow up to “Transitions and Lamentations”.

Synopsis : As the situation with the Surai becomes more puzzling, Commander Navar transfers someone in that has a history with the Intrepid crew, even while he struggles with some of the decisions he has made, and will continue to have to make.

Status : Post Production
Running time : Approx 10 mins
Release Date : First half of 2009

The Stone Unturned

The Stone Unturned, Intrepid Brig.

Written by Brian S Matthews and Directed by Steve Hammond and Ric Forster, this episode proved to be one of the most challenging to date, with principle photography being completed over a long weekend in four different locations. Although there are a small number of pickup shots still to film, editing has begun and we’re very pleased with the progress so far. We’re not giving much away on this one but it does have a very special guest star “Giles Aston” who plays, Jean-Luc Picard.

Synopsis : An unexpected visit from Jean-Luc Picard thrusts Intrepid into the middle of an archaeological mystery and a race against time.

More information about the shoot – Link
See Giles Aston on Youtube.

Status : Pickups and Editing
Running time : Approx 30 mins
Release Date : 2009

Bit Patterns

Synopsis : Chiron IV was originally discovered by a pair of deep space probes whose ultimate fate was unknown. When some wreckage is uncovered on the surface, it proves to be from only one of the probes. This leads to the possibility that the second probe is still in the system and as it’s a piece of history, Intrepid goes on a search. However, as events prove, what happened to the probes was not benign and Intrepid is heading into danger.

Written by : Steve Hammond

The Convictions of Demons

Synopsis : While the Merchant Service prepares to make a final stand to defend the colony, Intrepid desperately hunts the one man who may hold the key to averting disaster.

Currently being written by Nick, there should be a first draft ready by the end of January. Scheduled to start shooting in 2009, possibly alongside Bit Patterns, this episode promises some major character developments and will bring the Section 31 plot to a (hopefully) satisfying and action-packed conclusion.

Written by : Nick Cook
R/T : Approx 60-80 mins

Unnecessary Evils

Synopsis : The station’s new JAG Officer has to hit the ground running when she is forced to try Admiral Prentice over the events of Where There’s a Sea…

Status : Story treatment

Out of the Darkness.

As a second wave of colonists arrives in the Chiron System, Intrepid must deal with a new spate of pirate attacks.

Status : Story treatment (Nick Cook)


Nick Cook plays Captain Hunter in Star Trek Intrepid and is the producer, sometimes editor and costume maker. He can also be seen in New Voyages “Blood and Fire, Part 1”, will be appearing in “Star Ship Polaris” and lending his writing skills to “Archangel”

Links – Star Ship Polaris Star Trek New Voyages Archangel


Steve Hammond directs, edits, writes, does CGI and plays Captain Merik of the Merchant Fleet in Star Trek Intrepid.

Giles Aston

Giles stars as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Intrepid’s “The Stone Unturned” and when he’s not earning a crust is a professional “Look-a-Like” as Patrick Stewart.

Links – Website


Ric Forster works in professional television production as well as writing and producing his own online series – “lol”.

Links – Website Online series ‘lol’


Brian S Matthews is the writer of the critically acclaimed “New Wilderness” and “City of the Currents” novels, available from Amazon. He’s also a prolific writer for the Hidden Frontier shows “Helena Chronicles”, “Odyssey”, “Federation One” and the Hidden Frontier/Intrepid crossovers “Orphans of War” and “Operation Beta Shield”.

Links – ‘New Wilderness’ at Amazon ‘City on the Currents’ at Amazon

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