Christopher Plummer: ‘My Sex Injury Made Bill Shatner A Star’

 MA CHE SCHIFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veteran actor Christopher Plummer is livid an injury he suffered during from a one-night stand meant that William Shatner played his part in Henry V – because it made the Star Trek actor a star.

Plummer was lined up to perform in the Shakespeare play in 1956 – but an unplanned romp left him unable to take to the stage, according to New York gossip column PageSix. He says in his autobiography In Spite Of Myself: “I woke up alone the next morning… (pain) all around my groin and lower abdomen… I started to whimper like a whipped dog. ‘So this is what syphilis is like?’ I thought. ‘I suppose I deserve it, but Christ, how the hell was I to know?’

But instead of being struck down by the disease, Plummer had dislodged a kidney stone and had to undergo a medical procedure with a surgical wire to resolve the problem.

He adds, “It began to sink in… Shatner, my understudy, would have to go on… (It) instantly brought back the pain. I screamed for a nurse who jabbed me with more morphine.

“I knew then that the Sob (son of a b**ch) was going to be a ‘star.'” (c) WENN

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